Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Day 9 - Follow-up and evaluation

Today is the last day. We are a little sad, but grateful for the opportunity. We had an amazing experience during these nine days, sharing ideas with wonderful people from all over Europe. We've learned so much, had so much fun. But now, it ends.
We spent the morning looking forward to the future, planning our follow ups back home. Then, we had a discussion, helping each other to improve.
Next, we took advantage of the multiculturalism in our group and found topics we were passionate about. In small, international groups, we made the first steps towards new projects on topics like gender equality, citizenship and culture. We were our own monitors, providing feedback at the end and support. Those of us who found more than one project they liked, could easily go about joining them. By now, we are all a big team.
One of the best moments of our training took place today. One of the participants, Parvi, shared her experience as a psychotherapist and held a gestalt therapy session with us. It was intense and demanding, a truly unique moment.

The afternoon brought with it reflection time. Half laughing, high on the feeling of the last hours, we analysed what we had learned; our project made us more European, more involved, more aware - everything we had wanted it to. It was a bitter-sweet moment.

Now, in the last hours, we are trying to finish up, say goodbye. We get our Youthpass, make invitations to see each other again and write a last page. It's cheesy, but true. We'll miss our time here. Little by little, we built the foundation of a much larger movement we will take with us. But here, our time together ends.
( Don't worry:  We'll finish happy, with a party)

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