Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Day 3 - And so it begins!

Another day started and with it, the excitement of finally starting the topic of the training!

After energizers, we went directly to finish discussion about the 8 key competences of Youth Pass and what it's about.
This showed that not only people are here to learn about "No Hate Speech" but also they are here to learn to how to learn :)

And finally, the Human Rights and No Hate Speech topic started!
As a way to approach people, everyone shared when or why they got interested in this topic and what brought them to Estonia.

This resulted in a very dynamic discussion about many concepts and their definitions.

 And it was amazing to see how passionate people were!

For the end of the day, we had the presentations of 4 countries that are participating:
Slovakia, Spain, Germany and Romania!

Food, drinks, fun facts and interesting facts! We believe everyone stayed with something about these countries on their memories!

Almost forgot to mention, through out the night, dancing was the main action in our group!

Amazing! :)

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