Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Day 2 - Building the foundation

After an exciting Intercultural evening day 2 started with some energizers. We revisited ROPES group agreement to ensure that we were on track with our commitment to each other.
The first task of the day was to design and create a diary to be used with our learning buddy in which we could record our own personal learning goals.

The second task of the day involved a team building challenge in which we were given 20 activities to complete in 30 minutes. To do this we needed to work together to ensure success. See the photographs below.

In the afternoon we looked at the different styles of learning. 
Formal learning – We all know formal education from school, university or even nursery. We go there to learn what the teacher is telling us to learn and we write exams at the end of a learning process to check if we are able to fulfill the learning requirement.
Non-formal learning – this is actually what we do here….. We set up our learning aims by ourselves and nobody forces us to learn something. Instead of having a teacher we have facilitators or trainers who motivate us in the learning process. It is learning by experience you make by yourself. Learning by doing or how the scouts would say ‘learning by burning’.
Informal learning – we all have informal learning results. It means we learn without planning it. Some examples are reading a book, watching TV or a movie, conversations or trips.
The day the followed by the session about Erasmus+ programmes, we had group discussions and then we evaluated our knowledge and understanding of this European funding through a quiz.
After that, we completed the day with discussion about 8 Key Competences, which are the fundamental part of the life-long learning of all European citizens and recognized by the awarding of the Youthpass.
This was just the second day of getting to know each other before looking deeply into the subject of Hate Speech. And as you can see from the week programme below, there are many fruitful sessions waiting for us during our training course J

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