Monday, April 11, 2016

Day 1 - "We all are going to be star shining like a constellation in the training course"

First day:

So after a long day what do you write when there is a beautiful landscape waiting for you? 

And of course the unknown experience of  a new training course?

The funny games you played this morning to know other persons better? The coffee break with beautiful lake on ice and warm sun caressing you  with its gentile rays?

And the crazy afternoon in Otepää? Who were amazed with the availability of the Mayor? Who didn't take a picture with the Bear Guy? And what about the kid whit 12 years spoke English perfectly?? And we are sure that the police lady will be on our mind for a while with her friendly NO!!!(irony)

Today we met people that we hope that would be our friends during and long after this training course ends. People with good histories to tell, funny people, cool people, people with talent, we've got everything J

And now, we know what to write, now that we are in the intercultural night dancing, learning and laughing, we realize in the dark of the video presented, we realized that we are stars and with our shiny personality we will light the constellation of this new training course J

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