Monday, April 11, 2016

"Stop Feeling Sorry, Start Acting!" introduction

Welcome to our project blog! Let us give you a short overview of the project!


Mobility of youth workers: training course

Organized by: Seiklejate Vennaskond – ESTONIA

Funded by European Union Erasmus+ programme (key action 1 )

Project dates: 10th -20th April 2016

The general aim of our project is to combat hate speech online and offline.

Specific objectives are:
  • To Increase the competencies of youth workers to recognize hate speech and human rights abuse and combat it in youth work
  • To acknowledge the dangers of hate speech for youth and democratic values
  • To introduce youth workers Bookmarks/Compass as a tool to work on hate speech and human rights with youngsters and provide them with useful methods
  • To empower youth workers to stand up for human rights offline and online
  • To share good practices of anti-hate speech actions in participating countries
  • To create new initiatives on local and international level to combat hate speech.

36 participants have come together for this project from 10 different countries (United Kingdom, Greece, Romania, Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria, Spain, Slovakia, Germany and Estonia).

We plan to use non-formal methods, such as group work, role-play, simulations, reflection, online research, movie, work in pairs, practical workshops, activity in town etc. After the project participants will carry out workshops in their local communities. 

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