Friday, April 15, 2016

Day 5 - No hate speech

We started the morning with meeting our learning buddies. In case the buddy was late, additional energizer was to get your buddy. After that we had discussion about the movie from previous night and trainer gave us more background details what happened in Rwanda and how actually hate speech resulted in genocide. 

Next we had exercise to recognize the cases of hate speech and we could discuss them in small cycles.

Later on we did a role play, where some of us were refugees, others border officials, observers and security. This helped us to better understand the point of view of different counterparts and put ourselves in refugee shoes. After that we shared our emotions and also discussed  current situation in Europe, where is so much hate speech and tried to think of solutions what we could do to stop hate speech and discrimination towards refugees. 

Evening was for the intercultural night, with magic tricks, quizzes, dances and great food :)

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